Ted wanted more coverage on my website... but when I woke up this morning I got a call "Please do not put that photo of me in the shorts up!" Well, we decided I'd put it up and if he decided he didn't like it I'd take it down... so if this spot is empty tomorrow, ted would be a puss...
Alex in French new levels gear.
I went to a rooftoop BBQ at Anita's or Mike's or Gloria's.  There's Scott. Simon
What is the collective jail time of this party?
Des is neither Russian or a lesbian as stated before... she is unfortunaly both Canadian and with a boyfriend
Yea!  Dill celebrating America!
Wussy fireworks
Alex and Alex... don't they look alike too?
Iraq in the USA!
Merks and Mikey Bones
Fireworks from Meryl's roof
Then the Early Man concert!  Oww!
Me and Alex got kicked out for smoking right after Early Man Mike played the National Anthem, the weird part was, I wasn't even smoking.
But it was a good excuse to go to Sway for Mozzer Night!
and then the Fish on the way home!
If it's raining and you're running don't slip in mud, because if you do you'll slip in blood tonight.