After my show opened, I changed my lifestyle a little bit.  Being an NYC art star and shit.  I dj'd Sway again, partied till 5, etc. 

I also have beer on my lens.  This wild life may be the cause of the illness I have while typing this, I have been bed ridden for days. 
I don't bounce back like I used to.

I watched Drew and Marc shred at my old apartment... remember this place?  (check the very first page of the site for cross reference)

also... I forgot to show you this.  This shirt was made by a certain pro skater that planned to wear this at the Goofy VS. Regs contest. 
Too bad darkmen got involved and forbid him to wear it.   Also, let me be the first to report that Braydon has a face tat...
You can find a photo on the splash page of this site.

life is nothing much to lose
it's just so lonely here without you