After Ben's show, me and Manute went on a gangster hat mission to Harold Square.
I'm into such new levels steez on the gangster hat front that I'm very hard to
please... so basically I didn't find anything

Then we bro'd over to Terry Richardson's opening and it was chaos in the streets.
I have never seen this many people at an opening before... I guess if there's epic
wiener in the air the people turn out in droves. 
His pictures were so dirty new levels that I don't think anyone else could ever match
them.  At least he raised the perv bar so high that the situaish's won't be shocked
anymore when we're like "how about we try the Catholic school girl uniform this time?"

there's former pro skater Leigh Peterson (who I think changed his name to
something else) talking to Dill's hair-do. 

I dared PJ to dip his brand new white shoes into the puddle and he did it!

Chris and I were trying to leave but we ended up sitting on a bro curb a block away...
it was so epic, we just sat there and watched all the models and their tard boyfriends
walk by... we would be talking and whenever a 'what i do' passed the conversation
would fade into thoughtless brain-jail like vectors.  There was also a recently
evacuated building that had cracked from the floods and was in danger of collapse.
We were sitting there willing it to fall down in front of us.

  There was this one girl that I was fanning out on so hard, I even pointed her out to
Chris, wishing I had the self esteem to talk to her.  Then she walks by, stops,
turns around and asks me for a light....  after I light her cigarette she stands there
seemingly waiting for me to say something...  I was like a deer in headlights...
my brain was screaming "looking into the sun, looking into the sun!"
Well, she wandered off...  She probably just got off a boat from Estonia to do
a couple runway shows for fashion week, doesn't know anyone in New York and
was going back to the hotel by herself wishing she had someone to watch
Star Wars with.   What do I do?  I just sit there and stare!  SUCH AN IDIOT!  GOSH!

These dudes walked by shredding so gangsterly... they were like singing and
high-fiving, one of them randomly took a photo of us as if to later us.
They turned around because they recognized me from my stupid day job.

Broseph had a Russian hat on! 
It just sucks getting out-epic'd by a bunch 14 year olds.

Then we got up...
me and Manute's crippled ass walked over to Tonic to see Gang Gang Dance.

Rita Ackerman and her band played too

Oh that's Early Mike and Pajo

Arf Arf McNarf, Model Jake, and Amy.

So I guess Jake is a model...
Since when do they have mildly tarted, crusty punk, beer-gut having, drug addled,
dudesephs modeling clothes professionally?

Diamond Des

Brian and Dan.
Gang Gang sounded great, it was a record release party so you
must be able to get that somewhere now... I would do that if I was you.

O.K... here starts the next day: 
The most epicly later'd material getting day of all time.

Athena on the scene... sorry kids... she's married...
by the way... did you notice her and Shelly in Cho's fashion show?
hot crew... literally

This is bubble boy

                    I've heard rumors going around that me and Meryl are blazing...
                   well.... IT'S TRUE!  And we already had a baby and everything!

Just kidding!  It's Arlo!  Alanna's baby-sitting him... and judging by this photo
she's almost as bad of a baby-sitter as when Lisa Simpson had Bart with a
broken arm in a wheelbarrow and Lisa in a cage in the mud... remember that one?
I mean look how dirty his shirt is... look at the drool on his face, not to mention
the pen in his ear!  I bet he's got a half day old dootie in his shorts too!

O.K.... guess what?  After we put the kid to bed... we went to some parties...
those pictures are next!  Material is at an all time high!

P.S. Meryl, since everyone already thinks we're doing it anyway,
we oughta just start, you know.... doing it.

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