You know what else is epic?  Children Of Bodom...

Tino and I caught a cab up there...  Manute was supposed to come but he got caught up...
his excuse was his Grandfather's wake... he said it was a huge ethical dilemma on his part...
he showed up right as COB ended. 
Interesting side note:  His grandfather was a magician and he was buried with a full deck of cards. 
I just think that's amazing, you know?  To be an old man and have lived a long life and still have cards.
Like, for instance, in my case, at the rate I lose them, there is no way I'll have any left when I'm  dead. 
In the end, if i have even one, please don't let anyone take it.. bury it with me. 

Tino and Jon, shredding

after the show Manute was kicking rocks all over the place...
I spotted a Lids and a Jamba Juice at Times Square (my two favorite chains)
Manute opted for some consumer therapy and bought a Red Sox hat
half made of straw or something, then bought some gangster hat spray.
I don't know what the spray does... I think it keeps idiots from sitting on it. 

Then I saw Lindsey's band... she's on the keys... they did a cover of one of my favorite songs:
"Your Love" by Frankie Knuckles... It's a jam. 

needled 24/7

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