Sam Salganik and I made a video for Panda Bear...

Noah contacted me and said that he wanted a music video that
looked like this old surf film 'Crystal Voyager,' except with skateboarding. 
I watched Crystal Voyager and thought that it kinda looked like
the Krooked videos Sam has been doing, so we got together
and made a plan.  We casted Clark Hassler as the star, he's perfect,
he skates for a company that has a Panda Bear as its logo, and he
just seems like the trippiest dude out.  The whole video is shot
on the video setting of our digital point-and-shoot photo cameras, Canon Elphs...
Sam also used an old VHS camera for some of the scenes. 

(sam took these photos)

In this scene we made Clark go into the water backwards with his board, so it looks like, when played
backwards, that he is coming out of the water dry.  Too bad all are cameras were so janky, that you really
can't tell in the final video.  I hope some day when this video is on VH1, that we get it on Pop Up Video. 
Or at least Bevis and Butthead!

Panda Bear's music is really incredible,
I highly recommend his new cd: 'Person Pitch' on Paw Tracks

I hope you enjoy what we made...

Panda Bear Comfy in Nautica via Pitchfork

I will try to find a way to post it online higher quality.
It really gets lost lo-res.

update:  Here is a slightly better quality version