Vans Presents:
Super Skate Summer 2011

Hollywood Theatre Portland Oregon

Night one, Friday 22nd:

Tobin Yelland, Julien Stranger and Andy Roy present Fucktards (1997)

Buddy and Rick with Pat Quirk present selections from Fruit of the Vine (1999)

Thomas Campbell presents A Love Supreme  (1995)

Night 2, Saturday 23rd:

Greg Hunt, Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen discuss the making of Alien Workshop's Mind Field

Jon Miner and Jerry Hsu discuss the making of Emerica's Stay Gold.  

Special Guests present their favorite skate video parts of all time
(NECK FACE, Chris Johanson, No Age, Thomas Campbell, Jason Dill, Jerry Hsu)

Night 3, Sunday July 24th:

No Age score the lost Dogtown-era tapes
Sun Foot

Curated by Chris Johanson and Patrick O'Dell

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