2004... dead to me
or homepage status correction

my later'd house

Day one with the digital elph camera guy! (3/27/04)

TF Report (3/28/04)

Day 2 with the Elph camera! (3/28/04)

Night 3... Max Fish status report (3/29/04)

Night 4... Over to Amy's house to learn how to make this website! (3/30/04)

piles for miles; early afternoon at my house (3/31/04)

Ewwyerweird at the Hole (3/31/04)

Early Man show and other hi-jinx (4/1/04)

airplanes and airports (4/2/04)

I'm Bad I'm Nationwide (4/2/04)

Demo Kids, Altlanta Georgia (4/4/04)

If They Mated... (4/5/04)

Atlanta Mob Action (4/5/04)

Demo Kids Chattanooga TN (4/5/04)

Greensboro NC demo folks (4/8/04)

Bus Party!

Ewwyerweird Transylvania (4/10/04)

Richmond VA

TF Report (4/16/04)

Last Days of Tour! (4/14-15-04)

Marc Razo's Birthday Party (4/15/04)

TF Report (4/17/04)

KCDC skate demo (4/17/04)

hotcrew shralp seshs in NYC (4/20/04)

Lit (4/20/04)

dinner, hole, barf (4/21/04)

Gang Gang Dance (4/22/04)

we are the roadcrew


Early Manhole! RB and Dave's Birthday! (4/24/04)

The new Morrissey record at Sway (4/25/04)

Miami Vacation (4/28/04)

Beach (4/30/04)

Gulf Shores (4/30/04)


San Francisco

Spokane. Vegas. LA

Seattle on the scene!

Reno + Oregon

Luciana's Birthday Party (5/11/04)

Los Angeles times and Beauty Bar

Vegas Again! (5/15/04)

Lunch with Greco (5/18/04)

boring text page... later'd (5/27/04)

LA and then the Fish  (6/3/04)

fish fish fish... i have a problem (6/4/04)

Ben's new situation and the Hole (6/5/04)

everyday is like sundays  (6/6/04)

standing on corners  (6/8/04)

not to take your inventory...  (6/9/04)

Meryl's Review of the film Secret Window

Meryl's review of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

my roomate Sean's bonus photo

reader submission- I'm sorry I didn't know how jacked I looked! (4/15/04)

Guy Mariano being epic!

T.F.L Classics

friend submission: Ryan McGinley's Morrissey photo!

Dr. Long's Hybrids

My Boss!

older pictures part 1

Jerry's face! Submitted by Jerry!

older photos part 2 (added 5/30/04)

older photos part 3 (added 6/1/04)

old photos part 4 (added 6/2/04)

possible Axl replacments (added 5/30/04)

old pictures from San Francisco (added 6/13/04)

I have kicked my last rock (suicide note)

Ryan McGinley's interesting side note(6/21/04)

Jerry contibuish; (6/21/04)

The most shredding photo ever taken!

Jerry Hsu's later'd life (7/11/04)

Meryl's J-O'able page...

more older pictures added (7/23/04)

Tim Barber guest TF report

for anyone that has made a gay porn and couldn't think of a title...

Alain Levitt's Guest TF Report

Jerry Hsu Photo Gallery (added 9/6/04)

Tim Barber's day at Coney Island

This date in Epicly Laterd History: 1929

old pictures (added 9/24/04)

Asbury Pool (added 9/24/04)

More T.F.L. Classics

Tim Barber's guest Gonz Report

Duff McKagan Interview

Zered's video and early coolest man ever (6/10/04)

Wild in the Streets! (6/11/04)

Albany (6/12/04)

Sway (6/12/04)

Meryl's Birthday and stuff...

night time is the right time to pull your bone out of it's socket (6/19/04)

website suffers (6/21/04)

Al Skazeera (6/22/04)

The best night at Hole ever (6/24/04)

yall's mad at me (6/25/04)

hicks and hickeys (6/26/04)

Status Correction Five Style (6/27/04)

Man Down... Manute get well soon! 6/28/04)

In search of Johnny Thunders girls (6/29/04)

Club No Cards (6/30/04)

ewwyork (7/3/04)

the 4th of July day (7/4/04)

post 4th

july 10th

rain, movie, name drops (7/12/04)

br'ohio (7/19/04)

Back in NY (7/22/04)

Leo's unhappy birthday (7/25/04)

TF Report (7/29/04)

tino's birthday; (7/29/04)


"Donde estan los sombreros de los gangsters?"

Barcelona skate mob

mine mine mind

the last days of Barcelona

New York for a minute

5boro Tour part one

5boro Part Two

365 days

Half-Life Special!

5boro to Enjoi (8/20/04)

Epic demo in Madison (8/21/04)

Action Now (8/22/04)

Madison stuff (8/23/04)

back in Burlington! (8/25/04)

Up State (8/26/04)

tour mutiny! (8/27/04)

saturday night (8/28/04)

do you like, uh, stuff? (8/29/04)

The Cave! (8/30/04)

New Jersey

Arival in Philly

6:30AM wake up torture (9/03/04)

BroBQ (9/04/04)

that's what's up. enjoi demo in Bethlehem (9/05/04)

Back in Town (9/6/04)

Ben Cho Pre Show (9/9/04)

Benjamin's beautiful show!

Bro-curbs (9/10/04)

Fan-outs left and right (9/11/04)

Ewwyer Hole (9/11/04)

Fair Situations

The Last Night Of The Hole Ever  (9/18/04)

Hang The DJ! (9/19/04)


Isn't there more to life than being really really really
ridiculously good looking?

Six Things

Lucy's Birthday

I'm not sorry (10/01/04)

Hat Party! (10/01/04)

Am I Still Ill?

Can you squeeze me into an empty page of your diary?

Worst Dude Ever, or Best

you're the bees kness... but so am I

Children Of Bodom

Pit Views part 1

Pit Views part 2

T.F.L. hats

Wipeout Cribs (10/22/04)

the surf has swallowed him up he's a memory now

leave me alone I was only singing

wake up late, put on your clothes and take
your credit card to the camera store

Frank the Tank

I don't remember halloween

glue-stick mousetrap and drinking with Leland. 

If we can hurt them, well, we may as well...

Meeting with the tigas


Los Angeles, you are too hot

It doesn't pay to try, all the smart boys know why

November Spawned A Monster

Dill's Midnight Birthday

as we go up, we go down

Who said I'd lied because I never? I never!

the headmaster ritual

love knife

Jamsday Lies

We are not so cold, are we?  They are not so bold, are they?
and I am getting old, aren't I?

I'll be with you in the morning boys, 'cause you know that if we wait for our time we'll all be dead!

May this lovely letter reach its destination... if only

Question one is why do you pretend that you like me

who would you rather... what would you rather...

yesterday was tuesday, maybe thursday you can sleep

it's christmastime in the mountains, everything is white tonight

yellow and green, a stumbling block

yet more air travel

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