october is here, my favorite month, but I can't decide yet what I want to be for Halloween

a sea creature?

Saturday and Sunday I went to a concert festival on Coney Island to shoot rock photos
of the bands and crowds for a printed magazine.  In an effort not to double dip the
pictures I'm going to show only a little.  But mostly what I shot for it I shot on film.

the outfield

the front row

my skater friends

that guy and Erik from my work

day two:


I got Meryl eating out of my hand

Brian and Liz, their band played too, but I'm hiding those pictures...
They were great, the bands after them were not so great, but we endured bad music for hours
in order to get to see Belle & Sebastian.

Fanout! And they played a lot of my favorite songs.

Brian infront of the big screen

Then I went to Sway, there's Marc and Ian, as well as Chris.

EpiclyTrolf, Pensyl.

Dan, Wildman

what is it I must do?
I would do it all the time

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