My ninja Robin bought me a ticket to come out to LA for the premier of the Baker video!

The flight was late, Esao and I sat and waited... Esao killed time by making things
out of pipe cleaners.

I saw my boy Marcus getting on a flight

Esao is gnarly

When we landed in Burbank, Jimmy the driver picked us up, and he took me to Justin's

Look at this photo of Kevin and Alex that was on the fridge! 
(note: matching gear and Alex's old Chinese man face)

my sleeping quarters

In the morning I went and watched Andrew put some finishing touches on the video.

Secret documents...

Then I went to Supreme and tore the bowl a new A hole


then we street-styled... I'm giving myself some handrail coverage (k-lo photography)

y' know my wandering days are over
does that mean that I'm getting boring?
you tell me

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