Leo rode his bike...

and Ben skated up

then Ben gave him a haircut

So then there's more of this 'go-see' model test photo stuff... Manute was like "you should tell
those girls about NWA night" and I'm like "they're all like 15 and either foreign or with their

this is the last time I'm going to show you guys any of these pictures, because, as I
said, I feel like a tard about it.  I enjoy doing the photos, but I know it's later'd.

Manute and I were supposed to DJ at a bar called Anatomy... like a Ninjas side project.

There's Evan, he's requesting 'Squirrel Bait.'  Manute is nowhere to be seen.

Ted, I feel like I'm catching some vibes from you lately, like as if I'm sleeping with one of your
ex-girlfriends or something... it must be my imagination. 

Oh shit!  Eastern Exposure!

Then Manute showed up like two hours late and completely wasted... he was too drunk
to even ipod dj. 

there's Des

Manute grabbing the bull by the horns... he left a few minutes after this so I dj'd by myself for
6 hours, but at least I got double the money.

Merkles and Eniko

Athena and her brother

Jen Rocker and Ali at last call

but just be careful what you say about people like me
because we don't take it lightly

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