At the aNYthing block party/Krooked premier...

Jake Rupp!  I've known this dude for 13 years at least!

Mic-e gave me a sweet hand printed poster!

This tattoo was supposed to be an 'Anchor' but Neck heard wrong and messed up

bros with cool homemade t-shirts!

SHS no more! TFL new recruit!

A-ron was like "Yo, I get more hits that you!"

The video got cut off by the cops... bummer, but I'll buy the DVD for sure.

A-ron was like "Yo, my block parties start the summer, last year's happened and then summer started, now with this party
it's like 'ok, now summer can start'"

A-ron, the LES groundhog...

I was in your presence for an hour or so
or was it a day, I truly don't know
where the sun never set, where the trees hung low

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