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who said I lied because I never
this is Kudu... they played at Joe's Pub and are really good
host Roxy
I was playing a hosting role this night... too bad almost none of my friends came, they must not have understood the exact nature of the free brownie give away. 
Ted was on the horn berating Jerry
double faggitty
I partied so hard that this is what the Fish looked like when I left... I'm an animal!
the lady from Paper and the dude from Tinyvices
Lila and JC on Brenda's Birthday... Happy Birthday Brenda!
see I said I wasn't going to show any modular pictures... but I don't care anymore... plus I always shoot them at the TF... so it's like a TF report.
Leonard Peltier
you had to sneak into my room just to read my diary
it was just to see all the things you knew I'd written about you...

oh so many illustrations