Manute, Mehring, Project Mat and myself went to a party at an empty house

We went into this one room that was empty and totally dark and had writing all over the walls,
there was no door to the room either. 

we were kinda shredding in there as one would at a party... when I took this photo, I heard what I thought was 'meowing' by my foot and
I was like 'what the fuck was that?!' and I took a photo of the floor expecting there
to be a cat in the dark but this is what the camera showed me:

...we were all like "DUDE!!! THERE'S A FUCKING BABY ON THE FLOOR!!!!"
and we scrambled over each other trying to get out of there yelling "AHHH, BABY!!!!!"
It was seriously so scary, like who leaves a baby on the floor in a dark room at a party?
Later there were people making out in there oblivious to the baby...
it's is the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me.
I hope the owner got it back at the end of the night

Project Matt's ode to the baby

I say 'no,' you say 'yes'
and you will change your mind!

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