I've been back in LA for two weeks and have been having a housing crisis.  Kevin is letting me stay on his couch so I pretty much just follow him around and do
whatever he does, as you will see in the following post.

meeting up with the Baker dudes

Scott Oster and Curtis

Kevin and I have been djing at Dark Room on mondays... actually I usually just plug in a playlist.  Here, Chris Casey watches himself on TV

skate stalk

Spanky can probably get shoes for free, but I think he forgets

Dj Blackouts

Franny and Zooey

Franny and Chloe

Nate and K-lo

So, every night Steve Lee falls asleep with lights on, door open and his clothes on.  This is not a nap, this is sleep.

Andrew off Baker?

Cali at work

I had no idea he worked with Johnny Thunder's jacket!  This is real. 

shit, I'm sad that Cody Snake broke my glasses, but maybe I'm less hipster now?  

Beauty and The Beast premier at Supreme.  I love seeing videos on the big screen.

then I saw Jim!  The best sighting you can possibly have

you talk about east coast girls
how they go down lower than anyone else you’ve met.