then we went to the theater for the video

Louie getting mangled

Louie and his girlfriend

Bryce Kanights

Shilo and Marc

Brosë Rojo

the people calmly took their seats


and then they showed it: "Bag of Suck" aka the Enjoi video

bros were throwing free beers from the aisles

the place was going fucking nuts, this is like the best video ever, Jerry has like a 20 minute part
of epicness... every trick in the second half of his part could've been an ender. 
I think he's been slept on, but that's good that's over. 

there was lots of fighting afterwards

I walked to the afterparty but got lost.

then Clark showed me the portal that led there


this magic moment

Fatbody tactics

Eben and Lindsey

Hugh Bod Boyle and Worst Dude Ever

Ricky after his fight


Michael J Fox!

the Kid!

Boosh torture rico

Brokeback and Mrs House

then Suzy and Farmer got themselves kicked out

Boosh set-ups

John and Paul

Hugh Bod Boyle managed to vomit on himself!

Edward Devera legally changed his initials to WDE

this is the mangled photo

and this one was called "dignity"

because you wear a uniform, a smelly uniform
and so you think you can be rude to me

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