the route to the video premier started in Erik's backyard

Bryan and Wayne Herman... so gangster


Then we had to mob down the hill

where a tacky limo awaited

Luciana and Julius Ellington

Then because the Theater was such a mob scene we had to pull over and wait a few blocks away
until all the kids were in their seats.  The police were already threatening to shut it down.

Then we got back in the limo and drove a block, inside the theater it was complete
pandemonium with kids going apeshit...

and when the skaters came in the crowd was so intense it was like the entrance of a pack
heavy weight boxers... actually the fanatical and predominantly Mexican Baker fans freaking out
reminded me of the last time Morrissey played in LA. 

Oh shit... Terry!

The first showing of the video ended

Dustin announced that there were 100 boards hidden around Hollywood. 
The kids got treasure maps Beagle made and the kids raced off to find them.

The cops were on bullhorns getting real pissed off.

The line for the second showing of the video was long and intense and the cops were putting
on their riot gear

I don't know if you can see it, but that's a row of LAPD riot police cramming everyone into the entrance

what up dawg!

I left a minute early to beat the rush to the after party

Crash diet of reds'n'ludes
a shot of vitamin C and a bottle of booze

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