Jane invited me over for pancakes and coffee this morning... I came over of course for the
breakfast but I couldn't make myself leave all day... there is something about being taken
care of by group of girls...

She tortured me into a glamor shot... or really just an actual documentation of me train-spotting
on the couch.

There's Jennie and a weird painting some guy made of her in a painting class she models for,
it looks like she had a big bush but thats really the leopard print undies. 

Then Jane is like "Jennie you should get a beehive!" 

Jennie dragged her feet and Brenda even pleaded "she doesn't want one!"
But there was no debate, and Jane was walking steps ahead determined to find a hairdresser. 

Then we found this place on 14th... the woman was from Poland and very nice.

So she sat in the seat and fussed

...and I said "Oh, don't be stupid 'cause you're looking great"

that is just amazing! 

...and when Jo was short of cash I had to give her some,
but I didn't really
mind 'cause I was fit for once, so we paid the lacky bill and got the shopping
and we still had some for the cinema, so we all went out.

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