You know how yesterday I said I was useless in helping Ben with his show?
Well, he got his revenge on me!  The show was set to begin at 12 noon and I'm lying
in bed asleep at 11:30 and I get a frantic call from him "will you dj my show?!"
What the...?   Ben is not some Parson's undergrad student designer,  he's pretty
for reals in the world...  so wouldn't you think he'd have the music sorted out two months
in advance?  Nope, he calls me, a dude who's dj'd three times so far in his life at the
last possible second.   But these are among the things I love about Ben.

Brian was nice enough to tell me where the cords go into the mixer.  By the way, the managers
or publicists or whatever were yelling at me and made me wear a head-set through which I could
hear their bullshit banter. 

The show started and I hit play on the music... but because I was just djin from my ipod, there
were kinda awkward gaps between the songs.  And Ben would yell through the walky-talky
when it was time to hit play on the next song, and for a split second an abrupt silence.
But I don't think people really noticed because the clothes were so beautiful.

I didn't take many pictures, my nerves were shot...

...I’d like to know completely
what others so discretely talk about.

...I hate the big decisions
that cause endless revisions in my mind

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