Friday night at Peasant... Andre dj's there by making an ipod playlist and then just plugging it
into their stereo... I'm sorry, call me a purist,  but it's not djin' unless you use an ibook to fade the
songs together. 

Kama and Nikolai

two gentleman sipping wine at the bar discussing art.

Look at this shirt I got Manute!

While on the subject of gift shirts, this is a shirt Ben Cho drew for Morrissey,
that's James Dean's head on Mikey Bones's body...

Then I went to KCDC for an art exhibit featuring some graffiti dudes...
Tino made a drip painting on glass for it, he worked on it everyday since January slowly adding
a layer of paint and letting it dry, then adding another layer...  Finally the night before the show
he was done.  He stood back from it and thought "ahh perfect."   Right as he thought that, it
fell off it's hanging and shattered on the ground.  Oh well.  Tino showed something else instead.

W. Aaron Rose and Twills

Then Billy Waldman showed up in his new weird door BMW...

in case you've been wondering what he's been up to since Rubbish Heap,

when you're 15 you want to look poor.
do unto others, and run like a mother
I don't want to look poor anymore

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