Here are my photos from GNR at the Hammerstein tonight...

Just kidding...  I went to go see Big World but I guess I showed up too early...  I didn't see anyone I knew at first and this band was on.
I think they were called "No Vacancy."  They were actually kinda epic in a weird way... even when they did this depressing thing
where they try to get people to chant " No-Vacen-Cee... No-Vacen-Cee" but no one chanted along. 

This band came on next... they were called Forgone Conclusion

bros Andy and Big Tim

Logan and Tombo

Package and his son

Chad Dubs isn't really Sid's son but he might as well be.  Package raised him and even taught him how to read using Thrasher Magazines

another crappy band, with another failed crappy chant... her chant, believe it or not was "No. More. Tribes... No. More. Tribes"
Everyone just looked at the stage like "no....."

Yes! Finally! Big World!

Shred-ing! Shred-ing Shred-ing!  Broseph is 52 years old. he can grind vert, surfs everyday at dawn, and lives harder
than anyone ever born... Sid's cheating death... remember that page on here where they played Cake Shop?  Sid broke 5 ribs
and his lung collapsed during the show... just basic

Iggy on bass

pressed, printed, stomped, tripped
trapped, tricked, packaged, shipped...

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