It totally looks like I do stuff lately... and 'doing stuff' goes against my whole m.o.
but luckily the skaters will be gone soon, and I can go back into my shell.

out on the front lines we found Stockton liberating people with his magazines

In the van we have a guitar because, without naming names, one among us is a hippie!

I don't understand the vibe about skating rocks

In the van we have a Bible because, without naming names, one among us is a born-again!

Jon front boarding

Nick doing a Koston grind... we used to call them that you know

Nick is also an avid razor scooter

back blunt... oh shit, get out the cameras, it's getting heavy

you fucking little shit, get away from us!

this is later, we got friggin tickets

Mamma's is a pretty gangster place to eat when your hungry

except ewww Tino found a grasshopper in his food

Manute has some kinda plant going on... (Mrs. Shonting, that is not a vodka tonic Chris is drinking)

a cute photo of the best worst dude ever and Shannon

Kooko Bag Of Bones

these are our tickets

Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still. Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still.
Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still. Listen to the words long written down

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