I flew back to NYC to see the Mozfather on my birthday at Bowery Ballroom.  It may have been the smallest show he's ever played. 

I love when this video comes on

Heath and I during The Loop, which is to me the highlight of the show

one of these people was grabbing my ass and trying to molest me.   They said after it was the stranger

shirt fight!

At some point Pia yelled "Happy Birthday Patrick!" from behind me and then Morrissey says from stage "Are you sure its really happy?" 

thank you Morrissey for playing my party!

Sean and Matt

Heath the happiest I have ever seen him

Farmer got some buttons

I saw Matt fighting for a piece of the shirt and I was like "that's weird" then once it was over he ran to me and yelled "happy birthday!" and gave it me.  That was very nice. 

then at around tweleve I saw this Its Not Your Birthday Anymore tattoo... perfect.

Did you really mean all those syrupy, sentimental things that you said?