ok, while I am here in Ohio I'm gonna take crappy pictures of my pictures in the basement.  Sorry about reshooting them under a fluorescent light. 
This is me in probably '97.

here I have a Cobain bowl. 

This is at my 21st birthday party, Henry Sanchez was like "yo man play some beats!" (I think I was playing Misfits or GNR) and I was like,
'why don't you go down the street and have your own party and you can play whatever you want'  he didn't like that, and he kinda wanted to fight me.

this is also me, I had a missing tooth on and off for years

this is Lou Barlow and his family

this is Michael Stipe... I took a picture of this picture because I was like "wtf, a picture I took of Michael Stipe"  we actually kicked it a few times through
this guy Brook who took the glamor shot of me up above with the missing tooth. 

Brian Dale


Mike York... being a skate photographer took a lot of trial and error

this guy was a pro from spain but i forget his name... it was like Alain
Glaxerioeuereredad or something  (update: GOIKOETXEA)

Jason Dill - Switch Backside flip


Joe Valdez


Thom Lessner when we drove across the country

Joey Alverez.  I like this one

Pat Washington

Scott Bourne.  this is real, he was leaving us

Mike Rusczyk

Brian Dale again

Scott Bourne... this was his idea, totally not my style of photography

I think some of these photos are scanned in properly elsewhere on this site.  Matt Pailes



one of the first photos I ever got printed, I have arrived!

don't rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are