Saturday and we sleep late, usually we're up by eight, a swim it calls, a swim awaits,
 no work to do today...  strange how you would stray, and drink and such odd things.
 This is what the city brings...

On the way to see Will Oldham sing, I saw Jordan...

Superwolf were playing 5 shows today.  The first one was in Williamsburg.  Unfortunately the L
train was down and I had to take a taxi there.  Then when I got to the show, the crowd was way
too big.  These are people just listening in through the door.  I was going to go to all the shows
and shoot photographs... Matt Sweeney had given me his approval but there was no room in
the Palace Car.  With the next show in Harlem and the train broken I threw in the towel...
plus I am such a fan of Will Oldham that being around him really scares me. 

I contacted the flight deck from this very park and caught the J train to a friend's. 

My spin-out was so intense that I saw the world in Wizard Of Oz-like spinning flying house
detail, complete with witch on bicycle. 

Evening calls and old folks fall, the phone is ringing down the hall.
I told my friends not to call, that you were getting well
You still refuse to tell where you'd been out so long, coming home at dawn...

Once the flight deck was swerved and all systems mildly under control again I went to Other
Music to see the last show of the evening.  The line was around the block but both Mahssa and
Scott separately called me so I could circumvent any line barrakka.  Thank you so much!
My obsession with Will Oldham is well known to my friends... he's my other Morrissey. 

there's J.Lee and Aric

So Will Oldham sang and I watched in awe and with reverence... they played songs from the new
Superwolf record as well as "I Am A Cinematographer" "I See A Darkness" "Ohio River Boat
Song" and one of my favorite songs of all time and a total obscurity "Little Boy Blue II"

I couldn't be happier... I left in a rush with a rush. 

Lately I'm forgotten here,
isolated, feeling queer.
When you were looking in the mirror, did you see the future's lies?
They march right on in time, straight into the pool
oh so quick and cool...

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