so yesterday I hung a show at this big photo expo, it's like a weird situation where this woman
named Ellen wanted to have an editorial photo editor curate a booth of editorial photographers.
So she asked a bunch of photo editors from various magazines, and I was the only one who
was like "alright we'll do it" 

The place is like a maze of booths by photographers, galleries and photo reps.

It's kinda nerdy, like a photo ASR trade show

Here is our relatively ghetto booth...  showing work are Alain Levitt, Josh Wildman, Leigh Ledare
Jaimie Warren and Brenda Staudenmaier.

Brenda shoots a ton of the do's and don'ts, but her personal work is pretty much porn,
she asked me if I'd j.o. in a photo... but I declined

This is the fancy booth, there are prints by Robert Frank, Cindy Sherman, Weegee and Brassai...
this is like the skateboard equivalent of the Girl booth. 

the opening happened and I forgot to take pictures... anyway, I thought it was going to turn out
lame, but I'm actually really proud of it.   It's up for only this weekend at 125 W 18th street...
So if you like photography there is a lot of interesting stuff, it's a good place to bring a date. 

then I dj'd a party for a magazine called Sup I sometimes shoot for. 

I asked the painter why the roads are colored black.
He said, "Steve, it's because people leave
and no highway will bring them back."

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