now is time for the real reason I came to L.A.

Braydon's surprise 'going pro' party!

and in true Baker style, Braydon's name was accidently spelled wrong on the boards! HA-HA!!

best graphic ever


the Braydon girls

and the bouncers

Proud Robin

Beagleoneism (here is where my camera started taking really weird pictures)

Lenoce and GF



I played Thunderstruck full blast, and we waited for Braydon to arrive... the suspense was incredible,
he had come all the way from Australia, he missed a couple flights and
we weren't even sure he was going to make it.
then he arrived oblivious to why we were cheering at him, everyone was yelling and shoving his board at him,
"Dude, your name is on the board!!" I think it took him a couple minutes to figure out what was happening...
that he was a professional skater.




the Boss

Jim and Jesus

Greco was like "check out my shoes" and I said, "I notice you have gear again,
I saw some photos of you with factory gear" and he was like
"I don't know what I was thinking, I'm trying to put that behind me"

we noticed Baby Schitzo was stealing boards


Congratulations Braydon!!!