Breakfast meeting at Odessa... here I can learn the latest information on Trenchy, Mr. Mister,
Baby, Street Machine, as well as a host of other situations. 

TF Report:

You know how little kids play with things that aren't there?  They "pretend" if you will?
Like "Watch out for that army of trolls!" or "hide from the dinosaur in this cave!"
Skaters do the same thing... like, what exactly are you guys skating? 

Tino trainspotting at Lucy's

Jon got hernia carrying his camera bag all over Barcelona, so don't try
and act like this is the easy life.  (the difference between me and him is
he actually goes out and shoots skate photos)

Briggs and special guest DJ Winnie.  This
is Smiths night of course, how come you don't come?

You have been telling me that I have been acting childish; foolish, ghoulish and childish
Oh, I know, I know, I know! But I don't mind.

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