You know how when you get tattoos people are always like "what happens when you go to a job interview, you're going to regret that."  Well this is a photo of Braydon
interviewing with my landlords about moving in, complete with face tattoo.  And he got the place!  So kids, get those face tattoos, it won't matter. 

My freezer, my roomate's stuff.

My blue eye'd mouse

Ninja's with awesome

anyone have any Wrigley's Doublemint gum?

a long time ago when I met Dimitri, I told him  we were in the same line of work, he was like "you must not do shit"

Flannel bros

then I went and saw a Morrissey cover band with Bob and dudes

Too bad Bob got us kicked out almost instantly... he tried to hug the guy on stage and some latino guys wanted to kick his ass

Your Arsenal

the youngest was the most drunk

you made me feel not quite so deformed, uninformed, hunchbacked