Ben's show was on the 80th floor of this Trump building

(nice monkey)

in somebody's huge empty apartment with a boring view... I mean who wants to look out the window and
see all these crappy buildings everyday?

I was there early to set up the music, and eat the sandwiches with Raina

Ben showed up, and he brought his crappy stereo from home...

this is the music set up I worked with for the music

there was a run through and the I played the music really loud and everything was fine

guests started arriving

Ben did last minute stuff in the back, while I tortured him about what songs he wanted me to play...
it got down to literally 10 minutes before the show was suppossed to start and we were trying to think
of songs... finally he named some songs and I had to download them right there with no time to spare.

Chloe and her Mom...
Side story: One time I stayed with Chloe in Connecticut at her mom's house, and I woke up really early in
the morning and her mom was leaving for work and she said "If you give me a ride, you guys can have the
car all day."   So I got in the front seat and we drove awhile to her office.  We talked and I was trying to make
a good impression or whatever, like you do when you talk to someone's mom.  So we get to her office and she
runs inside, and I get into the driver's seat and look down and it's a stick shift, and I have no idea how to drive
stick!  I sat there and tried to think of ideas, do I call a cab? Do I walk back? Do I try and learn how to drive it?
Finally I sucked up my pride walked into her office and was like "I'm retarded, you have to drive me back" 
So she drove me back to her house in silence and then drove herself all the way back to work again and
I felt useless for life... (ps, here are the pictures we took that day for cross-reference)

anyway... back to the future...

so Ben's show was about to start...
and all of the sudden the stereo started shorting out... the stupid radio would play for five seconds and
just turn off!  Over and over!  Nothing! the fucking thing was broken.... and the directors of the show
were like "play the music!" and I was like "I can't! We're going to have to do this in silence!" 

It was like a bad dream!  But I noticed if i kept the volume low it would stay on for 15 seconds instead of 5.
so I unplugged the thing, let it cool down for a couple minutes... then at the last possible second, hit play...

and Holy-Shit, it worked!

I was watching the show making the sign of the cross with beads of sweat pouring down my face, praying,
"if you just let the music play with out stopping I will do anything..."
I did not need the music to suddenly shut off and to have like the entire press core, and all these fucking
famous people from like The Smashing Pumpkins and Project Runway or whatever staring at me like
"you ruined Ben's show!" 

...but by some miracle of Baby Jesus, the music worked and everything was fine!

and at this point there was such thunderous applause that you couldn't have heard charging elephants

go here for cross reference

after the show, I tried to turn the music back on to have like an after party there, but the stereo wouldn't
work even for one second anymore.

the Cho's! 

Ben Cho
you wasted your life
sensually stroking the weaves of a sleeve

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