christmas with the weasley's

then a Christmas party at Bernie's, which was pretty much my first bar

Jesse was like "I've know you for so long.  I remember the first time I met you you asked me what a parking block was"
I guess I didn't used to know what a parking block was, I mean how was I supposed to if I didn't ask?  A parking block could be a lot of things.

my sister looks stoned

Angela got a digital camera, hahaha

Miaka from the Gazelle Posse

Brett and I used to be in a band together

then I went to a Hockey game, at least Sydney doesn't think hockey is boring

Luke wouldn't share his cotton candy

then a skatepark

I was trying to shoot photos of myself doing tricks but my timing is bad

so I drew some sweet graffiti

nervous juvenile won't smile, what became of you?