Dudes... so Tino, Dave, Sean and I went to see the Yankees play the Red Sox!
Dave got popcorn
Tino got Chinese food... Chinese food from a ballpark!
You know that dudes come out and sweep the field to YMCA by the Village People?  This is them doing the dance... I'm sorry, but that's a shitty job.
Then Tino fell asleep!  He really did.
So after the game I met up with Jimmy, pictured here with Billy Waldman, devil children lost...
We went to this horrible place called Marquee... we thought it was the Marquee that Johnny Thunders played at...
...but it's really the club where yuppies play at.  This guy was wasted yelling in my ear about how he interns at Spin and he high fived me about how awesome like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are... then they kicked him out.
ahhh but Agathe was there!
and Professor Bear and Matt!
A dude with a bloody ear got kicked out...
I saw Karen Black on the street!
I'm starstruck as usual.
Jim, Dill and Jack back at the old Max Fish
Tracy and Tony are in town!
And Ben got a nice new wave style haircut!
whatever you do, don't call...