So, I've decided to turn this website into more of a 'party-site' I mean, I know it kinda already is one,
but I mean like more so....  For instance, tonight there was a party that Lindsey Lohan was djing and
the old me wouldn't go to something like that, but today is the first night of the new program!
Attn:  Dj's, promoters, hotel owners, fashion brands, please book me for all your party photography needs!

Basically I'm moving into Cobrasnake's territory and I don't give a fuck...





What up ladies!  What up bald guys!

Whoa!  Now I'm definitely in Cobrasnake Territory!

  Sorry Mark, there's a new virtual sheriff in town! 

I gotta a new crew of underage girls to chill with too!

there were all these purses sitting there, I dared Cory to steal something...

and she actually put her coat over some random purse and stole cash from it!

I have to say I'm impressed!

Scooopsville! Anand Jon sends a 16 year old girl creepy texts! Take that page 6!

look how giant this guy is

Best... party... EVER!

"Lindsey!  Steve!  Yo!  Cool!  Good songs!  Can I get a drink ticket?"

"Thanks, Lindsey!  Wait, I can't talk, I gotta cover the party!"

(actually Alex took these photos... she didn't mind getting yelled at by the handlers)

(btw I heard at least 5 Morrissey/Smiths songs played, Steven Patrick must be rolling over in his grave right now)

look at that African kid, he's sad he can't get past the velvet rope...

someday I'm going to start a foundation for him, the "Take a Poor African Kid Partyin' Foundation"

I learned that sometimes girls bring different sets of shoes out!

you stalk the house
in a low-cut blouse

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