For Merks Olina's birthday squadron vectored to Coney Island... we took the F train.

Marc made hats

All those people, all those lives where are they now?

For the last few weeks NY has been blazing hot and sunny... but for some reason today
it was really cold... too cold for the beach.

The water was freezing too

eewww... just a random sampling of New York beach foam

Would you guys stop making fun of that woman!

shoot the freak

I saw an old friend Rene there... she is from Ohio same as me. 

We rode the Cyclone and I took the typical cyclone self-portraits

Cho kept yelling "my balls! my balls! Owwww!" the whole ride... the seat bar thing
laterd him in the nuts... when the ride ends you can hand the operator two dollars and
stay on... I rode three times... we were all the way in the back seat.

How quickly would I die if I jumped from the top of the parachute?

with loves and hates and passions just like mine

they were born and then they lived and then they died

someone falls in love
someone's beaten up

and the senses being dulled are mine

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