tonight Demassek played at the Cake Shop with Hightower

Kruger got new tattoos which resulted in lots of slaps on the arm.

No one is even slapping him in this one, what a bitch

Mazza's a looza

this is Demassek's first show since Weibust left the band... Dods now sings, and they have more of a thrash metal sound

just as awesome to get awesome to

I like Dod's look of concern in this picture

I think Dustin did that

the first show with the new line-up was also a reunion gig, Weibs popped out halfway through and finished the set

bros went blitzo

then the blood started really pouring

a real live wire

what are those reflector shoes?

toga toga

out on the street

cops always get the shirtless guy, don't you watch Cops?

Farmer and the Dell (I took this photo just to say that)

is everyone drunk tonight? 

Ricky stole this hat from the Hat, but ended up giving in back later

3 inches?

the Demassek tour bus

I'm a live wire
Gonna set this town on fire

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