then I flew back to New York

Tonight was big night!  Big World, Demassek, Hightower...
Manute was djin at Motorcity for the early warm up. 
He's showing off Davey's page in the Cookout zine

Kelling got a mohawk

Manute, Chris Lewis and Seamus... Chris wanted to get his picture on here real bad,
don't worry... you'll get some pictures

Mazza's TFL setup

Pensyl telling the tale of his 10th year reunion dressed like santa or something

then we raced over to Cake Shop... Bobby had no comment

Package came out like bat shot out of a cannon

he played about three super epic songs with tons of energy. 

The booze kinda caught up and Mazza had to help hold him up,
then the Package fell over real hard on to the ground. 

"I broke a rib"

but the show must go on!  Package got back up and at least stood in the right position. 
He pretty much gave up trying to sing.

Sid is in the hospital with three broken ribs and a collapsed lung

Then Demassek!  This is kinda sad for me because Ryan is moving to Texas, thus ending his
term as lead vox... If they decide to carry on, I would like to audish for the part.

definitely shredding


"panty raid!"


tuning break

flying beer can

Chris, here is your time to shine

Backstage with the legends


smoke machine!

beer in the pedals, overloads, it all explodes

there's a dead dude under the drums

let's throw the great party
today for the rest of our lives
the fun is just about to get started
so throw the switch
it's rock-n-roll time

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