today is 18 months hard labor....

Dinner contract negotiations... not material... 

Negotiations ended with espresso with whip-cream.

At the Fish Manute was rating everybody all night

Why does Marc look black and white in this photo?

Dave's quality meets Jamie.

So do you even know that Demassek is playing?  Seriously the best flyer ever!

By guestbook request... an Athena and Meryl sandwich!  But don't think you can start requesting
poses from my girl friends now.

your hair gets me high.

Then the Demassek bros showed up from up north... they drove with a coffin strapped to the roof
of their car.

Logan and Mazza!

Besides inventing the word later'd he also invented being later'd
or rather being epicly later'd.

Manute thought he was on the phone like "I'm at The Max Fish... The Max Fish.... where are you?
The Lit? Where's The Lit?"

(that's my C.O.B. shirt by the way)


Weibs and Mickey Diamond

The girl that inspired Demassek!

Count all the hugs in this photo.  Total broverload.

Fat guy in a little coat...

don't forget to go see Demassek at Sin-E tonight (saturday)
E.L. usualy never endorses, finances or lends the E.L. name to any related facility or outside
enterprise. But Demassek really is an exception considering it's the official TFL band, and they
shred.  Plus Tino might come out of a coffin on stage, and who can't see the bro in that?

Some eighteen months ago I traveled to a mystical time zone and I missed my bed and I soon came home.
They said, "There's too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life"
I said, "Leave me alone because I'm alright, Dad.  Surprised to still be on my own..."

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