Like the Huns charging across the barren lands
We’re fearless bros, with evil plans:

Hoisington's got new setups... Hank Williams and money flying away, epic. 

one of the other bros had this.

This is at the warm up spot... Motor City.  Ricky bought three shots of Jagermeister and mixed
them with Tabasco Sauce.  That's a Dave Duncan specialty known as a Bloody Dagger....

He took one shot and puked on himself... he was epicly trying to puke on Tino too.

This is really out of place but Trilby needed to use my phone.

On the way to the gig... next to the death whip in my krew jacket...
just calling out the gear that's mine, sorry.

I was goin' "okay, it's gig time, what t-shirt am I gonna wear?"

Logan made a Hannibal Vector shirt. 

RB and F.Patrick

Dods pre show


the pre show amp up!

Yeah, they have a coffin... no big deal

This is this gnarly instrumental part while weibs waits in the coffin


Then Ryan pops out

Terps and Sean Of The Dead

How often do you see this?  Booth was shredding on Weibs shoulders and Weibs was air-
guitaring, actually he air guitars 90% of the time. 

Shit was so over the top epic!

This is a Thrasher spoiler... but I shot this photo of Tino in Miami and I had a copy printed
which I gave him earlier in the day.  I gave it to him in an envelope but somehow by the end of
the show the envelope was gone and this was what was left.  I think it was on the beer soaked
floor the whole time. 

dead to me

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