Instead of Morrissey night tonight I went to Angela's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" night,
and why not?  I'm sure most of you can find that respectable. 

Here is Dewey at the Fish warm-up. 

And for Valentine's Day Tino put hearts in his hair.  Awww, what a softy!

At the metal night Angela made her tortured "eww I'm getting my picture taken face" for me.
She played "Denim and Leather" for Herb...
Herb is a really awesome skater broseph who is now in a coma... our thoughts are with him. 

Me and Manute thought this guy looked like a bizarro Jim Greco.  Do you see it?

Here they have little baby Buds... for the more sophisticated drinker.  There's Sean.

Mrs. House with Evan peaking out... look for Epiclytrife cross reference.

Jamie's pyramid

Manute was amazed that they had the Hosoi graphic on the Memphis Belle airplane art. 
I watched on the Discovery Channel a whole show about how Japan ripped off the rising sun
logo from Hosoi.  It's true, you can look it up. 

There's Farmer and Jeff.  These guys don't even know each other, but why not make them get in
the same photo?

Tino went all the way home to Brooklyn but reappeared an hour later because when he got there
he realized he didn't have his keys.

And as I said,
I slept as though dead
dreaming seamless dreams of lead.

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