unfortunately a directive was handed down that I can no longer double dip any photos to Thrasher
that I've already put on here.  But that's fine, and plus, these dudes are no longer in town.  Look
in Thrasher in like a month or two and see what epic skatphotos Luke got and I'll try to write
something at least mildly entertaining. 

"Hey Luke, Dustin looks like he's about to land his trick, why don't you get set up and shoot it
already?"  Actually, Luke shot the still and I shot the sequence on his digital camera... it was
the first time I ever shot a digital skate sequence and it's about the laziest thing in the world...
it's pretty much the same thing as filming.  But without sound and less frames per second.
It also doesn't matter how many tries it takes the skater to land the trick.  But who am I
to talk shit?  I dj with a computer...

...like Saturday Night when NWA's Manute, Bones and p.o.d. pinch hit for Leon at Lit.

In the park as always on a nice early afternoon

I will break the Thrasher rule and show you this back 5-O ala Kenny Reed by Jerry

and this front nose, I'm so glad someone bothered to put angle iron there

ninja skills!

Sway Sunday night!  I picked out the songs again there too... it sounds stupid I know, but I need
the money.

it's too much... I'm going to start staying in.

with a needle pressed onto tight skin
sunny, I cry when I see where it's taken you

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