this is the Christmas shopping page

a pretty cool tie dye kit

a Josh Wildman t-shirt

oh, and it was the last night we are ever doing at Uncle Mings.  At the grand finale this is the
only picture I took


     I've been playing an old version of Sim City and now I see everything in
     terms of that game

So for shopping I went to the mansion, epic gear in there.

and FAO Shwartz for the nephews, I'm basically just buying stuff for the 5 year old Patrick, like
"this Boba Fett guy is awesome, I want that"

I stopped into St. Patrick's church

     For some reason they have the Mexican Mary, shouldn't they have the Irish one?

Macy's had some cool windows

they film Conan O'Brien around here


Grand Central

Then I worked the tables at Lit

and this guy loved every song, he thinks I'm a genius.

cornered the boy kicked out at the world...
the world kicked back a lot fuckin' harder...

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