At 7A someone put boogers in my food, but at least they were honest and at least they didn't
charge me for them. 

notice my E key has been wiped off?  It's from typing 'epic' so much.  But now the L key is
almost gone... later'd.

I dj'd tonight with Stacey and Chozers at a birthday party for Heather and Aya.

Happy birthday Aya!

Happy Birthday Heather!

then at about 1:30AM I walked north a few blocks and helped make sure Ming's was on fire.
Tonight the djs were Tino, Desiree, Manute, Kelly and myself... that's a lot of bro in the air.

Tino brought snacks as usual

4 AM at Mings is like a wasteland of couples making out, coke dealers and passed-out dudes.
Very classy

oh fuck!  now I lost my f key!

show me a barrel and watch me scrape it

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