Hey Tino, I got a bunch of half jobs, one of them is testing modulars...

what I mean is, I take test photos of models for an agency

It's really hard work, I already regret quitting Thrasher

My half job number 2 is NWA night... there's Mahssa and Josh Reed...
Josh and I went to high school together

Ninjas; Brian, Cass, Sammy, Aaron, Jason, Anthony and Bill.

Amy, I got her to come out... wait, what?

Projectile Matt

Lil' Stevie


Kessler's hip

inner dialogue:

"so let me get this straight?  Your new jobs are; 'taking photos of models,' 'party promoting' and 'djing'"

"Patrick, you've turned into a total fucking douche bag, please die away from me"

I'm very important, uh, I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany

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