today was the nicest day probably ever... so everyone I know got their shred sleds out and went
to the TF...

Jordan had a mysterious box...

Jordan's box contained a several copies of his 'zine, the most massive 'zine ever made.

some people got a chip on their shoulder

just friends

Arto apparently didn't like the pick of seats available to him... is this some Viking shit?
Like "I sleep on floors, I sit on skateboards"?

Tino had some tasty grip jobs.

I put this picture up not to promote some t-shirt, but to point out the 'mall-grab' happening
in the background.  Everyone's got a skateboard tonight.

usualy suspect

oh, it's been gettin' so hard
Livin' with the things you do to me,
My dreams are gettin' so strange
I'd like to tell you everything I see

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