So Alex has become an esé or whatever... gear-wise

father and son

Drew and Christiana are expecting a girl soon!

It's also Andrew's birthday today.  Happy Birthday Drewseph!

Keeping in the Cribs tradition, check his new closet out!  Gear crisis!

the little kid has cool hair

Oh, so I got to sit down and preview the progress of the next Baker video.

On a sad note... let's all wish Terry a healthy full recovery... he was shot yesterday in Long Beach.

then at night time I went to the bar Snake Pit on Melrose with some friends...
everyone says it's Slash's bar, but I don't think that's true.

They had one of those cool jukebox's where all the songs can be downloaded from the
interweb or somewhere.  This is a picking songs picture.

This is a Gandalf looking Chris Haslam playing the boob game, but a later'd PG version,
which is far less fun.

has the Perrier gone straight to my head or is life sick and cruel, instead?

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