the day began meeting people at a place

Dustin and that guy are in town

Dustin had to go to the TF and sign things for kids

nice shades

"let me take your picture"

"will you flip me off too?!"

then it rained and we skated the bowl

You know who else skated the bowl?  Friggin John Cardiel!  Today, three years after he was paralyzed and told he was never gonna
walk again, he took Dustin's board, dropped into the bowl and carved around.  His first drop in since it happened, congratulations! 

then the Vans party at KCDC that Robin put together

I dj'd from the balcony from 8 to 12:30

then I bro'd with U-God for a sec (no big deal)

and went to Lit and Dj'd there from 1 to 4 (with Leo)

and it was hot as balls

but really fun

brothers Seamus and Liam Deegan... Irish at all?

So bona to vada your lovely eek and your lovely riah

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