Sunday Morning... hair of the dog.  TF Report

We went to Flushing Meadows... it isn't much like that Simpsons episode where
Homer has to piss real bad and he sees the bus going to Flushing Meadows and
imagines a field of toilets.

Oh my, is that Patrick Melcher?

Ricky Espinoza

These two hot-dogs were his 10th and 11th hot-dog in 24 hours

I'm noticing a pattern here

After skating we went to Moz night... One of my favorite things about Ryan is he is
always dancing, even if no one else is.

Mat O'Brien was there!  Mat used to skate for Real and he drew the famous Slap
Magazine logo with the wings.

It turns out this shirt was false advertising

Then we went to the Fish from 3 to 4AM... T.Moss and F.Bill

And Tayor and Tino!  Notice the label of Tino's beer, somebody's sexually frustrated!

And that's the night