I had my photo show opening.  Screwboo brought a posse of kids... I'm glad they weren't carding.

Scott Bourne came!  I haven't seen him in years, he looks like a professor now.


the Lavoie's

there have been requests for more Trilby photos on the site, so here

During the hours of the opening when it was crowded I hid in the DJ booth.  This at the very end.  These dudes help with the Skate Show.

Mary D and Lauren

Tino, bummed

If anyone wants to buy anything from the show go here:

Break out your checkbooks, credit cards, paypal accounts...
Bargain basement prices!

email: fusegall@fusegallerynyc.com   phone: 212-777-7988

bow down to her on sunday salute her when her birthday comes