watching movies at the Fish

Zoe and I watched that one about the Mayan's running. 


Sloppy Andy and I, crusty old dudes that hate everything, you should have heard us.

So I went with Erik from Fuse to pick up all my photos from all over the city to get them to the gallery for the show.  Finally, once everything was
in, the car wouldn't start!  We're stuck there in the rain, but I learned that night that a cab will jump your car for $10, you learn something every day

Lisa unwrapped, I chilled on the floor

The next day Ted had new skate fashion, camo pants.  Also a nod to the Kibits Room, basically a shirt that says "I love cool shit from back in the
day when I partied with Guy and Chico once, you should have been there but you weren't"

Jack and bobby... you can't see it here but Bobby totally has Fred Gall hair now, I think if you're from Jersey you just get that at a certain age. 
It's like going grey elsewhere.

ohh score, Emerica sent me Jerry's new shoe!  yesss!  and it comes with cool flair!

I gave Ted the necklace

then I went back to my show and hung that shit

I hung it in a straight line... i'm over that salon style b.s.

Erik's telling me about how the Fuse gallery is basically the most prestigious thing possible.  My plan is to retire at the top after this.  No more shows.

Mike leveled my show like a pro, I stood around like I do when someone's car breaks down, I'm pretty useless

No photos of people smoking crack, sorry

and no celebrity photography except these photo of Tino

there is also a photo of Tino's ass in the show, I hope he's not "bummed"  (athena's joke)

wayward sisters, you that fright the lonely traveler by night,
who, like dismal ravens crying, beat the windows of the dying.