that night after the wedding it was after party dance party at the lodge

wedding's are good for the random hook ups, let's see if we can spot any:

hmmm... Amy and that guy?

Merks and this dude?

"I made these really cool seahorses out of tin foil with little sparklies on them" 

Jesse and Aviva?


kissing cousins?

just friends?

whoa! coming back for more?

From different sides of the track?  Can they make it work?

do you wanna dance?

what happens in Bovina stays in Bovina

and the POOF! roofie soda and it's noon:

see if they have any water in that house down the road
and I will wait here for you,
and watch the women go by
and if you don't come back soon
I'll pass out right here and die

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