nice cows!

nice port-o-potie decor!

I just learned I have totally stretchy skin

oh and p.s. I am the "official" wedding photographer,  Gavin made me do it, which is kind of
like work place statutory rape, like "here guy, here is your new job and your first assignment
photograph my wedding"  "oh but I kinda suck at photography, don't you think you should
get like a person that photographs wedding as a job?"  "No, I want you to do it" "oh ok boss"

But it was cool because he paid me, and because it was like the party of the century...
but too bad for you I shot all the photos on film... so you don't get to see those.  

speech! speech! speech!

Jesse! Jesse! Jesse!

Song! Song! Song!

Cake! Cake! Cake!

Congratulations Emily and Gavin!  

so we die,
who has the blues?
not I